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My name is Namitha Abraham. I’m based in the Chicagoland area and have an affinity for coffee shops, traveling, and capturing the aesthetics of this beautiful city I call home.



I’m a User/Learning Experience Designer with a background as a high school teacher. With 3 years of experience in teaching, I have developed strong skills in research, analysis, and the ability to communicate complex ideas in a relatable manner. I have always been passionate about the use of technology in education and has a proven track record of incorporating it effectively into the classroom. What helped be discover the field of experience design is the significant amount of time I would dedicate to creating and designing learning materials for my classes that were intuitive, meaningful, and aesthetically pleasing.

I have made the transition into the field of experience design, where my skills in teaching and user research can be best utilized to create intuitive and user-friendly digital products. I pay a strong attention to detail and have the ability to think from a user's perspective, which enables me to contribute to the success of any design project. I’m always looking for opportunities to gain hands-on experience and am excited about the prospect of working with a dynamic team of designers and developers to create innovative and engaging user experiences.

If I’m not teaching, designing, or exploring the city, you can probably find me somewhere around the country or world.

Flip through some of my favorite memories:

Beijing, China
Catalina Island, CA
Santorini, Greece
The Great Wall of China
Petra, Jordan
Soho, NY
Manhattan, NY
Seattle, WA
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