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Sole UX Researcher and Visual Designer 


Rebrand a Tourism Agency website to better reflect its target clientele and exude a modern, elegant, and sophisticated visual appeal.


1 week


RESEARCH and gather information on the current brand, including its target audience, value proposition, and competitors.    Conduct market research and competitive analysis and gather feedback from current customers to understand what they like and dislike about the current brand.

DEFINE brand guidelines that detail the brand's identity, messaging, and visual elements. These guidelines should be used to ensure consistency across all touchpoints, including website, social media, advertising, and packaging.

Screen Shot 2023-05-06 at 5.48.31 PM.png

Mission Statement: The new mission statement should reflect the modern and high-quality nature of the company. For example, "Connecting you with the world's cultural and spiritual heritage." Logo: The logo should be modern, clean, and recognizable. Use bold and contemporary fonts to make the name stand out. The design should convey a sense of reliability and luxury. Consider including elements that evoke the company's heritage and values. Color Scheme: The color scheme should be refined and sophisticated, avoiding overly bright or garish colors. Consider using a combination of muted blues, greens, and golds to create an elegant and calming palette. Typography: Choose a clean, modern font that is easy to read on both print and digital materials. Use contrasting fonts for headlines and body text to create visual interest and hierarchy. Photography and imagery: Use high-quality, professional photographs that evoke the beauty and cultural richness of the destinations offered by the company. Consider using images that showcase the company's attention to detail and personalized service. Tone of Voice: The tone of voice should be friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Use language that conveys the company's expertise and experience in providing exceptional travel experiences. Marketing Materials: Ensure that all marketing materials, such as brochures, business cards, and advertisements, are consistent in design, typography, and tone of voice. This will help to establish a cohesive and recognizable brand identity. Website: The website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Use high-quality images and engaging copy to showcase the company's offerings. Ensure that the website is optimized for search engines and mobile devices. Social Media: Use social media platforms to engage with potential and existing clients. Share high-quality photographs, informative articles, and engaging content that showcases the company's values and expertise.

DESIGN and DEVELOP a new visual identity for the brand, including a new logo, color palette, typography, and imagery. Ensure that the visual identity is consistent with the brand's positioning and resonates with the target audience.

Logo Redesign

mpt (11).png
mpt (12).png
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Old logo
Screen Shot 2023-05-02 at 9.15.56 AM.png
  • a retro, old-fashioned style

    • does not exude the modern and elegant feel as defined by the brand identity and is outdated

  • very colorful

    • limited in use of color in other design elements​

  • clear brand message
    • plane and globe visuals​

  • single, fixed format

    • not easily manipulatable to fit various modes and mediums

mpt (11).png
New logo
  • simple and modern

    • align with rebrand​

  • one solid color

    • more opportunities for color to be used in other ways (i.e. website, images, backgrounds, etc.) without taking away from the logo

  • contains elements that are crucial to the brand identity

    • airplane flying around the company name

  • can be easily altered into different layouts (see below).

Color Palette

It was important for the new color palette to be somewhat subdued in intensity to exude a modern, minimal, yet elegant feel. Blue is at the core of this company's brand and color palette not only because of its natural connection to sky and sea, but also because based on color psychology, the color blue evokes feelings of calmness, peace, trust, and reliability--all ideal attitudes for your clients to have towards your company.

Black, gray, and white serve as the neutral colors of this palette to bring balance. These neutrals are a great way to ensure the idea of minimalism is present in all the company's designs.  


It's important for the typography to be consistent across different medium and platforms and for it to align with the overall branding. This main title font is very simple and modern in design. Versailles, as a sans serif and all-caps font, increases readability especially with a company name that is longer. The ample white space bewteen letters also aids in this.

This alternative title font is similar to the primary font but with added serif details and a shorter, wider typeface. This font still exudes a modern feel but with added elegance. In some print products this font fits better or stands out more compared to Versailles.

This text is a decorative font used in various ways, such as on the website with slogans or on the business card. The freehand lettering style adds an element of dreaminess and elevates travel content to capture that feeling.

The font for body texts was kept very simple with a classic sans-serif font. This font is easy to read and contributes to the minimal look.

IMPLEMENT and roll out the new brand across all touchpoints, including updating the company's website, social media accounts, and marketing materials. Provide training to employees to ensure they understand the new brand and can communicate it effectively to customers.

MONITOR the success of the rebrand by tracking key metrics such as customer engagement, brand awareness, and sales. Use this feedback to make adjustments and improvements as necessary.

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